It is important that the pelmet looks in proportion to the window and curtain length, we can provide a scale drawing if required (cost £10 per drawing). Alternatively cut a template of the pelmet out of wallpaper and tack it over the window (remember to send us the template with your fabric).

Pelmet & Lambrequin depths

Generally the pelmet should be seen to cover the edge of the reveal when you are standing in the middle of the room. In order to achieve this, in most modern houses with 7’ to 8’ ceilings, the minimum depth of the pelmet should hang 3” to 4” below the reveal. The higher the ceiling the further below the reveal the pelmet needs to hang, naturally the lower the ceiling then the less you need to hang below.

If light is important then choose a design where the centre of the pelmet is straight (such as designs 1B 2B 7B & 8B).


If you are using a lambrequin just to dress a window then you only need a shallow return 1” to 2”is sufficient. To accommodate a roller or roman blind, 4” is the normal allowance.

The sides of the lambrequin usually look best if they over hang the sides of the recess by a couple of inches. If you intend to fit curtains underneath then the curtains will dress the edge of the window. However, remember to make allowance for the bulk of the curtain to stack back off the window.


When you measure please make sure that you allow for any picture rails, radiator covers etc. If the pelmet has to fit around beams or any other obstructions then we will need detailed templates.

Roller blinds

We can supply blinds made from your own fabric to fit our lambrequins. They are laminated with a backing fabric (blackout laminating is available), reverse rolled and supplied with a spring operating roller (side winder operating is also available). If you want the blind to fit inside the recess rather than the lambrequin, please measure the exact recess size and we will make the necessary allowances.

Further information

This leaflet is not a complete guide to designing and measuring pelmets. Should you require further information our brochure contains more examples of work and design ideas, along with other bespoke soft furnishings we can supply such as headboards, coronets & half testers.

Measuring & Fitting service

We can provide a measuring and fitting service, quotes on request.